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Here we go, go, go…on an adventure,

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Like, I suspect, many, I have a growing collection of reference books that I have only dipped into to address one or two narrow aspects of my research. No doubt such wastefulness constitutes a vice of some sort (I could always consult one of my books to find out). In lieu of any defined New Year’s resolution I propose to set out on a philosophical adventure. I have thus tasked myself with reading and reflecting upon two-three sections of just three of these unexplored books every week until I have finished them.

I’ve chosen The Blackwell Companion to Philosophy, The Routledge Companion to Ethics, and Strawson’s Analysis and Metaphysics: An Introduction to Philosophy. I’m hoping this choice, however dry sounding, will broaden my knowledge, prove interesting, and be broadly useful to my existing research.


Author: Steve C

I work in normative ethics, specialising in animal and ethics and political philosophy.

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